Bedroom renovation

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    Bedroom renovation

    Bedroom renovation in Moldova

    You can order bedroom renovation in Chisinau from since we have been specializing in performing overhauls of bedrooms for many years. We understand that the bedroom is a special place in your home where you spend time to relax and recuperate, so we strive to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that reflects your style and preferences. Regardless of the size of the project, our team guarantees high quality of work and provides regular reports to the customer., as well as stable prices for bedroom renovation or individual rooms of your apartment or house.

    What is included in overhaul services for bedroom in Moldova:

    1. Demolition and preparation: Removal of old finishes, wallpapers, and flooring. Preparation of walls and floor for subsequent finishing works.
    2. Electrical: Rewiring, installation of new sockets, switches, and light fixtures, as well as placement and mounting of lighting and decorative elements.
    3. Finishing works: Plastering and leveling of walls and ceiling. Wall cladding with various materials such as wallpapers, stone, decorative plaster, wood, etc.
    4. Flooring: Replacement or updating of flooring. Installation of parquet, laminate, carpet, or other materials.
    5. Furniture and decor: Assembly and installation of new furniture, including bed, wardrobes, dressers, etc. Placement of decorative elements, mirrors, paintings, curtains, and other accessories.
    6. Ventilation and conditioning: Ensuring good ventilation and installation of an air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedroom.
    7. Paints and finishes: Painting of walls and ceiling, color scheme selection, creating a harmonious interior.
    8. Sound insulation: Possibility of installing sound insulation for comfortable sleep and rest.

    We carefully plan each stage of renovation, cooperate with quality suppliers of materials, provide detailed estimates and the most favorable prices for bedroom renovation in Chisinau, so that you are always aware of the costs of your project. Our team strives to exceed your expectations by creating a unique space that meets your needs and preferences, making your bedroom a place of true comfort and relaxation.

    We are ready to carry out the following apartment renovation:

    Renovation of apartments in Moldova – 

    Call an estimator for a repair estimate

    Call a measurer to take measurements and
    a complete estimate of the cost of the turnkey repair with the material.

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    Цены на наши услуги Все цены
    Draft 100Euro/м2
    • - Alignment of walls and ceilings;
    • - Floor screed;
    • - Installation of engineering communications: sewerage, water supply, electrical wiring, heating and ventilation systems;
    • - Planning and redevelopment of premises, construction of partitions;
    Comfort from 150 Euro/м2
    • - Alignment of walls, floor and ceiling;
    • - Electrical and plumbing work;
    • - Installation of doors and window sills;
    • - Laying laminate or parquet boards;
    • - Bathroom, toilet and kitchen;
    Euro from 180 Euro/м2
    • - Full Complex Capital Comfort;
    • - Additionally, installation of a multi-level ceiling made of plasterboard;
    • - Installation of various decorative elements;
    • - Wall decoration with decorative plasters;
    • - Laying piece parquet;
    Operating procedure

    Our measurer will visit the site free of charge and make a detailed estimate


    After signing the contract, we will purchase materials at cost price


    It remains to wait for the completion of finishing work and sign the act of delivery of the object

    Interested in the exact cost of repairs?
    Call our measurer. We will take measurements, discuss with you the composition and description of the work, calculate their cost and materials. As a result, you will receive the exact cost of the upcoming repairs and materials. Attention! The service is paid 400-500 lei.
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