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1 Question – How much does apartment renovation cost?

Answer – The exact cost of apartment renovation depends on several factors:

– the total area of the apartment or country house;

– the location of the property (city, suburbs, rural area, etc.);

– the presence and complexity of the design project;

– the volume, level, and complexity of the required work.

The most economical renovation starts from 130 euros per square meter (cost of labor and materials). For an accurate calculation of your renovation budget, we recommend contacting us to request a visit from our specialist, and within one to two business days, we will provide a detailed estimate and answer all your questions.

2 Question – We have a ready design project for the apartment. Can the total cost of the renovation be calculated based on it?

Answer – For the calculation, a separate estimate is prepared, and the scope is agreed upon. Our specialists will choose the optimal material options for you. If necessary, we will clarify with you the details and the possibility of carrying out certain actions. If your designer will personally supervise the progress of the renovation, then all questions and nuances will be discussed with them, and you will not be distracted by minor matters. Moreover, we cooperate with a large number of competent and experienced designers in the city who are ready to assist our customers and offer favorable conditions.

3 Question – Do you provide a warranty for renovation services?

Answer – Yes, after completing the renovation and handing over the property, we provide a 1-year warranty. Some materials used, which are of a brand we collaborate with, come with a 10-year warranty.

4 Question – Do you sign a contract with customers in advance?

Answer – The conclusion of a written agreement is an integral part of working with clients. In addition to this agreement, the client is provided with a schedule and volumes of future work, a list, and a detailed description of the materials used, as well as diagrams of electrical wiring and plumbing placement options.

5 Question – How is the estimate prepared?

Answer – Our representatives (foreman, engineer) visit the property. They take measurements and discuss all the details with the client. When choosing materials, it is possible to avoid visiting a multitude of different stores. Our specialist takes the request and visits the property on the agreed date and time, and then a detailed estimate is prepared. After receiving and reviewing the estimate, you can add or remove something.

6 Question – How much does it cost to call your measurer, and what is the price for preparing the estimate?

Answer – This service costs 500 lei (paid on the spot).

7 Question – Can the total price of the completed work change during the renovation process?

Answer – The price may change if the client decides to make changes or additions during the process, or if they choose more expensive materials. The presence of hidden work discovered during the renovation process can also slightly affect the change in the cost of the work.

8 Question – How long does the renovation process take?

Answer – It all depends on the scope of work. The average duration of comprehensive renovation is 3 months. If there are any changes or alterations during the renovation, the timeframe may extend to 4-5 months.

9 Question – How do you control your masters’ work in the absence of the homeowners?

Answer – For every client who cannot frequently visit the renovation site, we are ready to work remotely. You can address all the questions regarding the progress of the renovation to the designer and foreman responsible for your project, who will oversee the work process. Once a week, these specialists will send you photo reports on the progress of the finishing works. If you wish, video calls can also be arranged. The schedule of reports can be tailored to your needs.

10 Question – Can you undertake the renovation of an apartment in an old building rather than a new one?

Answer – We carry out renovations in any type of property, whether it’s an apartment in a new building or an old-style house. Moreover, we can perform renovations not only in urban apartments and commercial buildings but also in private country houses, cottages, and country houses both in Chisinau and beyond the city. The only thing to consider when renovating old houses is the additional costs for demolition and the disposal of construction waste.

11 Question – Is it possible to carry out renovation in autumn or winter? How can it affect the quality of the work?

Answer – Neither weather nor seasons can in any way affect the quality of the renovation in the apartment. The quality of the work depends solely on the masters carrying out the renovation. However, we vouch for our specialists because we employ true professionals who know their craft.

12 Question – What does the warranty, mentioned on your website, cover?

Answer – We provide a warranty for all the finishing works we perform, as well as for electrical wiring and plumbing installations.

13 Question – Do you undertake renovations in small-sized apartments and individual rooms?

Answer – The size of the property is irrelevant to us and does not affect the renovation process in any way. Even if you have a 20 m² studio apartment or an individual room (bathroom, kitchen, balcony, children’s room, etc.), it is still possible to have a good, quality renovation with a modern design. Our specialists will help you with the design and advise on how to arrange furniture correctly to transform your apartment or individual room into a comfortable and cozy space.

14 Question – What is meant by the phrase “Turnkey apartment renovation”?

Answer – This expression refers to the maximum completion of all renovation and finishing works, including the materials used. After the completion of the renovation, the fully prepared property is handed over to the client. The client does not need to do anything else, they can immediately bring in furniture and move in.

15 Question – What types of renovations do you undertake?

Answer – We carry out all types of renovations. We install plumbing and conduct electrical work. Everything is done by qualified specialists with the appropriate education and qualifications.

16 Question – Do you perform comprehensive major renovations for cottages, private houses, and country houses?

Answer – Absolutely! A cottage, private house, and country house are just as much living spaces as an apartment. The only difference between them is the volume of required renovation works.

17 Question – Is it possible to make adjustments to the initially created project during the renovation process?

Answer – Adjustments can be made at any stage of the ongoing renovation. However, changing orders for specific materials is not possible because they cannot be returned to the suppliers.

18 Question – Do you clean up the construction debris, or do we have to dispose of it ourselves?

Answer – During and after the renovation, we remove all waste and dispose of the debris. You can also request a complete cleaning of the premises as a separate service.

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a complete estimate of the cost of the turnkey repair with the material.

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