Prices for renovation of apartments, offices and houses in Moldova

We provide current rates for comprehensive apartment renovations “turnkey” (price per square meter) as well as for renovations of individual premises, houses, and offices in Moldova. However, it is essential to consider that each apartment and property is unique, and the cost of renovation will differ in each specific case. An accurate estimate can only be made after inspecting the property and thoroughly studying its features. In particular, owners often struggle to determine the necessary scope of work and correctly calculate the required amount of building materials. In such cases, it is better to rely on professionals who can quickly and accurately take all the necessary measurements and calculations.

Price list for apartment renovations in Moldova and Chisinau – our tariffs for works: offers favorable conditions for apartment and house renovations. We professionally perform a wide range of construction, renovation, and finishing works, offering competitive prices.

Apartment and Individual Premises Renovations:

  1. Cosmetic renovation – from 120 euros per square meter
  2. Euro renovation – from 160 euros per square meter
  3. Capital renovation – from 180 euros per square meter

House and Office Renovations:

  1. Cosmetic renovation – from 130 euros per square meter
  2. Euro renovation – from 170 euros per square meter
  3. Capital renovation – from 200 euros per square meter

Factors Affecting the “Turnkey” Renovation Cost of an Apartment, House, or Office:

  1. Volume and complexity of work:

The cost estimate takes into account the volume and complexity of the work. For example, renovating a large apartment with rearrangement and installation of additional systems may require more time and resources than a small cosmetic renovation.

  1. Execution deadlines:

The completion deadlines also impact the cost. Tighter deadlines may require additional resources and more intensive work, which can affect the final price.

  1. Quality and quantity of materials:

The choice of renovation materials significantly influences the cost. Using high-quality and expensive materials can increase the overall project cost. The quantity of materials needed to cover the area or complete the works will also be taken into account in the cost calculation.

  1. Working conditions:

Existing conditions at the work site can affect the cost. For example, the presence of access restrictions or the need for additional safety measures may require extra expenses.

Renovation of apartments in Moldova – 

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a complete estimate of the cost of the turnkey repair with the material.

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