Over time, people want to make various changes in the house related to the redevelopment of rooms and the replacement of all communications. Especially often, an overhaul of an apartment in a new building is necessary for owners who are not satisfied with the location of the partitions or want to expand the space by connecting the room with a balcony.

It is almost impossible to cope with all types of work on your own, so you need to turn to specialists. After all, the main difference between such an arrangement of housing is the involvement of professionals of various construction qualifications. People who have been overhauled by workers with extensive practical experience have received the apartment of their dreams as a result.

What kind of work does a major overhaul include?

Our company offers an inexpensive overhaul of an apartment, which includes the following types of work:

  • Alignment of the surface of walls and ceilings;
  • Installation of electrical wiring and plumbing;
  • Laying of floor coverings;
  • The device of a single-level plasterboard ceiling;
  • Installation of balcony doors and window sills;
  • Wallpapering or wall painting;
  • Cleaning of construction waste after repair.
  • At the request of the client, it is possible to make redevelopment of housing with the demolition of old walls and the construction of new partitions. The price of our services depends on the area of ​​the premises and the amount of all materials used.

Inexpensive overhaul from our company

Our company provides home improvement services and offers its customers a major overhaul of apartments in Moscow and the Moscow region. Turning to us, you will get at the disposal of experienced craftsmen who thoroughly know their profession. The final cost of the work will depend on the condition of the room, its area, as well as on the materials used. In turn, we guarantee the high quality of the result and compliance with the terms of the repair. You should not trust your apartment to unverified workers, contact us and we will help you create warmth and comfort in your home.

We are ready to carry out the following apartment renovation:


Renovation of apartments in Moldova – 

Interested in the exact cost of repairs?
Call our measurer. We will take measurements, discuss with you the composition and description of the work, calculate their cost and materials. As a result, you will receive the exact cost of the upcoming repairs and materials. Attention! The service is paid 400-500 lei.
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