This type of work is characterized by high complexity to achieve an original and most effective result. As a result, the client receives an apartment, the photo of which can decorate any glossy magazine. The main criteria for such a finish is a non-standard layout of the room, multi-level ceilings and an unusual arrangement of partitions.

To make an elite apartment renovation in Moscow, you need to use high-quality materials. To achieve a lasting result, it is necessary to resort to the professional help of masters, whose practical experience will help to create the most ideal interior that meets all your requirements.

What works include renovation

Any renovation in a new apartment includes the following works of varying complexity:

  • Replacement of all communications;
  • Alignment of the planes of walls, floor and ceiling;
  • Puttying and priming surfaces;
  • Installation of a multi-level ceiling and interior partitions;
  • Laying of floor coverings;
  • Wall papering or painting;
  • Wall decoration with Venetian plaster;
  • Replacement of doors and window sills;
  • Cleaning up construction debris after the completion of the repair.
  • By definition, such repairs are distinguished by the use of the best building materials and the latest technologies. At the same time, the customer can adjust the list of the work he needs to perform.

High-quality renovation at a bargain price

All homeowners want everything to be done efficiently and on time. If you need a company that will make an inexpensive renovation of an apartment in a new building, you should contact us. We provide services for all types of construction work, regardless of their complexity and guarantee the excellent result of the work of our craftsmen. Carrying out home improvement meets all the rules and quality standards for this type of repair. You can order any options you need from the proposed list of works, and we will make all your dreams come true.

We are ready to carry out the following apartment renovation:


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Interested in the exact cost of repairs?
Call our measurer. We will take measurements, discuss with you the composition and description of the work, calculate their cost and materials. As a result, you will receive the exact cost of the upcoming repairs and materials. Attention! The service is paid 400-500 lei.
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