ecently, the concept of “rough finishing of an apartment” has become quite firmly established in our lives. This is the most basic stage of any repair, which includes a fairly large range of work to prepare the premises for finishing. The cost of a rough repair depends on the area of ​​residential and utility premises, the initial state of the surface of the walls, floor and ceiling, the planned scope of work, prices for building and finishing materials. The quality of the rough repair directly affects how the interior will subsequently look, so this work should be trusted only to qualified and experienced professionals.

Features of rough repair in a new building

Buying an apartment in a new building involves a number of rough repairs. This group includes the following processes:

  • Alignment of walls and ceilings with plaster, drywall or other sheet materials;
  • Floor screed;
  • Installation of engineering communications: sewerage, water supply, electrical wiring, heating and ventilation systems;
  • Planning and redevelopment of premises, construction of partitions;

If necessary, the first thing to do is dismantling: they remove windows and doors, remove electrical equipment, gas equipment, clean the walls of old plaster, and then proceed to leveling the surfaces.

Draft turnkey repairs in Moldova – quickly and inexpensively

The Formula Remont company provides turnkey rough finishing services in Moscow and the Moscow Region on very favorable terms. If you want to make repairs, then contacting us will be the best option. To do this, you need to leave a request on our website, call us by phone or drive up to our office. We will provide you with a measurer absolutely free of charge, who will carefully inspect your apartment, calculate the amount of work and give an approximate cost estimate. The exact cost of repairs will be determined after drawing up an estimate and assessing the cost of the necessary materials. We offer you a rough renovation of an apartment from scratch in a new building at the best prices, we also deal with the repair of secondary housing.

Cooperation with our company has many advantages

  • High quality of work;
  • Affordable rates;
  • Building materials at the purchase price;
  • Using only high-quality modern materials and tools;
  • High speed of repair;
  • Warranty for all types of work;
  • A rich experience;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • High professionalism of our employees;
  • Impeccable service;
  • The cost of repair is fixed by the estimate and does not change.

We are ready to carry out the following apartment renovation:


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Interested in the exact cost of repairs?
Call our measurer. We will take measurements, discuss with you the composition and description of the work, calculate their cost and materials. As a result, you will receive the exact cost of the upcoming repairs and materials. Attention! The service is paid 400-500 lei.
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