Waterproofing of wet rooms

Waterproofing of wet rooms

The stage of rough repair, which should not be forgotten in any case, is equipment for waterproofing wet areas. Why is it so important? The answer is simple: in the event of a flood, the finishing of the apartment of the neighbors below is more likely to remain unscathed, and the homeowner will have to eliminate the consequences of the trouble only within their own housing.

There are many ways to protect the floor from moisture:

Waterproofing with a plaster composition, which is applied to the floor in several layers;

Waterproofing with bituminous roll materials, which, when heated, are glued to the base;

Waterproofing with liquid polymers, for which you will have to call the master;

Self-adhesive waterproofing, suitable for self-assembly.

If the base of the floor has cracks, chips or other flaws, it is necessary to use any of the listed methods after leveling the surface. For this type of work, it is better to call a specialist. The floor should be covered with insulating materials in the bathrooms and in the kitchen.

Floor screed

Regardless of whether you are starting to repair a two-room apartment in a new building “without finishing”, or you are tidying up housing in an old housing stock, competent floor preparation for laying decorative materials involves leveling the base. It is better to entrust the implementation of the screed to a specialist – this way you will get the most even coating, which will be performed taking into account all the technical nuances.

Of course, you can try to pour a wet screed yourself, but in this case the result may be disappointing. But it is quite possible to cope with the completion of surface preparation on your own. Applying a self-leveling screed does not require special skills, so you can refuse the help of a master.

Important: the finished coating must dry completely. How long it takes depends on the properties of the composition. This information can be found on the package with the mixture.

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