Apartment renovation in Chisinau is a task that is best entrusted to professionals – foremen and craftsmen who love their work and are intimately familiar with all the nuances of comprehensive renovation for both existing and new residential properties.
This is a question that arises for practically anyone planning to carry out a turnkey apartment renovation, be it in a new building or their existing one. Let’s consider what to pay attention to:

  • Duration of the Construction Crew’s Work and Reviews – At present, you can find a vast number of offers and advertisements for apartment renovations on the internet. However, most of these firms and crews are amateurs. They lure clients with excessively low prices per square meter but either disappear immediately after receiving an advance payment or carry out low-quality renovations, failing to fulfill their obligations. After such a disastrous renovation, clients are left with no choice but to redo everything themselves or hire another contractor for corrections, which incurs a substantial cost.
  • Portfolio. Every reputable construction organization should have a portfolio where clients can find photos and videos of previously completed renovations. If a contractor cannot show previously completed projects, making various excuses, then most likely, these projects either never existed, or the results are too embarrassing to show.
  • Contract and Estimate for Apartment Renovation Another crucial aspect. To avoid regrets later on, it is absolutely necessary to thoroughly review the contract offered by the construction company. Often, dishonest firms lure clients with low prices but remain silent about important nuances specified in the contract. For instance, the cost of materials may not be included in the price, or the client may be required to pay an additional amount for “additional work” that turns out to be mandatory.

The construction crew REMONTEXPERT has been successfully operating in the field of renovation and finishing in Chisinau for over 12 years. We have a significant number of completed design projects and finished renovations to our credit.

The results of our work are confirmed by hundreds of satisfied customers. Reviews of our services and customer thanks are regularly published. REMONTEXPERT has established itself as a responsible contractor in the Moldovan market for construction and renovation services. We use only high-quality materials and tools in our work. For the convenience and peace of mind of our clients, payment for completed work and purchased rough materials occurs upon their actual completion and procurement. This is an important distinction that gives our clients confidence in the quality and competence of our renovations.

If you need quality and affordable turnkey apartment renovation in Chisinau, please contact the professionals at REMONTEXPERT. You will be satisfied with the results!

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