Repair of a two-room apartment in the secondary housing: where to start

Repair of a two-room apartment in the secondary housing: where to start

Owners of real estate in the old housing stock will have to perform two voluminous tasks at once. In particular, you need to get rid of the previous repair. And only after that it will be possible to start implementing the plan.

How to carry out dismantling work yourself? Consider the whole process step by step:

First of all, free your home from furniture. Get rid of interior items as much as possible. During the repair, it is inconvenient to move heavy objects from one side of the room to the other. Of course, if you plan to carry out repair work while living in an apartment, it will not work to remove all the furniture. But alternatives can be considered. For example, instead of a large bed, it is better to use an air mattress, which deflates and puts away in a box in a few minutes.

Purchase the necessary tools and products for removing decorative coatings. The shopping list will definitely include spatulas and sponges. It is also worth buying a nail puller, a hammer and a chisel. To remove paint, purchase a special spray and do not forget about hand and respiratory protection. In addition, when cleaning, you will need a bucket for water, a container with a sprayer (it is convenient to use it to remove wallpaper) and dense garbage bags.

Choose a room that will be prepared for renovation first, and get to work. If you want to reuse an existing floor covering, you need to start with it. With careful dismantling, it is possible to save laminate, loose linoleum, and parquet.

After all surfaces are freed from the old finish, it is necessary to assess the condition of the walls, floor and ceiling. Decide if you need to update the rough finish. If so, you will have to remove the leveling compounds from the walls and floor. To free the floor from the screed, it is better to invite the master, since this process is carried out using special equipment.

Dismantle unnecessary partitions and built-in structures. This item is especially relevant for the repair of a two-room apartment in Khrushchev or Stalin. Do not forget that the demolition of partitions included in the plan of the apartment must be agreed with the local administration.

Take out construction debris. This must be done at each stage of work, so as not to litter the premises. Remember that not all types of garbage can be thrown into a container in the yard.

Now you can start planning for future changes.

Draft renovation of a two-room apartment

Owners of apartments in new buildings “without finishing”, as well as owners of secondary housing, will face the need to perform a rough finish of the premises. This concept includes several actions at once:

  • Installation of electrical wiring;
  • Alignment of walls with plaster and putty;
  • Waterproofing of wet rooms;
  • Floor screed.

In addition, at this stage, window blocks and entrance doors should be replaced, as well as all necessary manipulations with engineering systems should be carried out.

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