Planning the renovation of a two-room apartment

Planning the renovation of a two-room apartment

Repair always begins with careful planning of actions and the final appearance of the apartment. In the last task, the designer will act as an assistant. There are several options for cooperation with such a specialist:

Order of a draft design project. The cheapest type of work, in which the owner will receive sketches of the interior of each room.

Order a project with a 3D model. This service will allow you to create a detailed design, the elements of which can be viewed in all planes.

Full support. The most suitable type of cooperation for those homeowners who do not want to go deep into the renovation process. The designer will not only develop the project, but also help to purchase finishing materials, order furniture and decor, and also monitor the implementation of ideas. Of course, full support will require large cash costs from the owner of the apartment.

Do not think that the involvement of a designer in the repair will completely relieve the owner of the home from the hassle. At a minimum, you will have to decide on your preferences in order to correctly state your wishes. And after receiving the finished project, it will be necessary to select the masters who will implement it. The technical verification of their work will also fall on the shoulders of the owner, because the designer will only be responsible for the compliance of the premises with the planned appearance.

Budget renovation of a two-room apartment does not involve ordering the services of a designer. You should not contact a specialist even if you plan to carry out a simple cosmetic repair without frills and serious alterations.

Self-development of apartment design

Making a semblance of a design project on your own is not as difficult as it might seem. First of all, you should formulate your desires: decide on the style of the apartment and the functionality of the premises. Next, you will have to study examples of completed projects on the network, take into account good ideas, save references.

It is convenient to design future repairs on paper. To prepare a detailed layout of the apartment, you need to know the exact characteristics of all rooms. In an impromptu project, it is worth designating:

  • Wiring – outlets for sockets and switches;
  • Necessary redevelopment – partitions that require erection or demolition, relocation of doors and plumbing;
  • Types of finishing materials and color schemes;
  • Location of furniture, taking into account the size;
  • Types and locations of lighting fixtures;
  • Small design details.

The more detailed the description of the interior of each room is, the easier it will be to acquire materials and plan the sequence of work. On the basis of the project, an approximate repair estimate is drawn up, which will help to compare the desires of the owner of the apartment with his capabilities. If the budget does not allow you to make all the changes at once, do not be afraid to renovate the rooms in stages – it is much easier to do this in a two-room apartment than in a odnushka or studio.

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